Centro’s health and safety manager Dave Hadley (centre) with community defibrillator facilitator Stuart Grainger, left, and community response manager Andy Jeynes, both of West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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Defibrillator kits installed at bus stations

Potentially life-saving defibrillators, which are used to treat heart attack victims, are now available at every staffed bus station in the West Midlands. 

Public transport co-ordinator Centro has obtained the machines through the British Heart Foundation with bus station staff trained in their use by West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. 

Centro's health and safety manager, Dave Hadley, said: "The defibrillators are a welcome addition to the first aid service we already provide at our bus stations and while we hope they will never need to be used it should be reassuring to both our own employees and the travelling public that we have the equipment and skills needed to help." 

Andy Jeynes, the Trust's community response manager, said: "With the number of people that pass through bus stations each day, it makes perfect sense to have defibrillators on hand in case someone suffers a cardiac arrest. The quicker we can start CPR the better the chances of survival." 

Defibrillators have also been installed at Centro's headquarters in Summer Lane, Birmingham where nominated first aiders and daytime security staff have also been trained to use them.

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